With advancements in Cloud and technology domains, businesses globally are looking to digitally transform their organization to reap the benefits of the cloud by migrating their current workload system to Microsoft Azure. They’re moving on-premise Infrastructure, Applications, and Databases to the cloud for long term cost benefits, security, manageability, and scalability.

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At first glance, cloud migration might look like more of a technical decision, however organizations rather quickly understand it is a decision that needs to be percolated across the entire organization and its affiliations. Cloud Migrations requires not just technical expertise and for a successful migration, careful migration strategy, methodologies, and business process understanding become a must. Finally, it asks an important question: what’s driving your organization to move to the cloud, and why is now the time?

At TABEXP, we help answer these questions for you, helping make data-driven decision making that would help you get the maximum ROI. TABEXP Apps Cloud Migration Services enable moving your applications, organization processes, and infrastructure to the cloud. You would now be able to migrate heterogeneous business workloads virtually from any source and start utilizing the advantages of the cloud without the stress that is associated with the process.


Migrating your application/ workload to the cloud does not need to be wearisome. With the TABEXP Apps as your migration partner, your migration project will be brisk and risk-free.

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1. Assessment

Before setting up your cloud migration objectives and needs, we help define the clarity required before setting off on your migration journey that includes application assessment, workload assessment, cloud services to be configured, cost analysis, network requirements, security and future scalability needs along with compliance requirements for your business needs.
Our technical and business planning to assess your business environment comes down in six straightforward steps before migration

2. Build a Prototype

While we are moving towards cloud migration, it is important to take a map of detailed technicalities, for example, migration destination and deployment process, application re-building, asset accessibility, security system and run a pilot to help plan the details of the actual migration.

3. Strategize

Applications or database can be moved to the cloud from various perspectives. However, we will pursue a well-considered migration strategy that will simplify the procedure to capture your business needs. During this stage, we will define the strategy to help decide which applications can and can’t be readily moved to a cloud, cost analysis, and best migration methodologies – Rehost (Lift and Shift), Refactor (Rearchitect), Revise (Replatform), Rebuild, Replace (Repurchase).

4. Migrate

The cloud migration includes using necessary tools required to automate the app migration process, configuring the network system and workloads. At TabExp Apps, we performance necessary with a defined and structured process for migration monitoring and configurations to ensure minimal disruption.

5. Optimize

This is the phase to restate through ongoing migration service improvement. At this stage, we will do optimization, enhancement and keeping up cloud impression. Typical activities are optimizing operational cost, advancing service management and customer relationships, upgrading infrastructure plans, fixing cloud service issues, set up an alert on the issues and performance, streamlining application management.

Our Azure Migration Services

TABEXP Apps offers end-to-end on-premise to cloud migration services to help you quickly remediate and modernize infrastructure and streamline IT operations by deploying Microsoft Azure.


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