Automate software deployment processes and transform into an agile business

DevOps is not just a set of tools or processes; it is a cultural shift that leaves no room for dysfunctional teams. TabExp Apps provides excellent Azure DevOps and Automation Services to help companies increase uptime, reduce time-to-market, lower overhead costs, and focus on the bottom line.

With expertise in DevOps consulting and Azure Automation services, our engineers are dedicated to assisting companies in implementing deployment automation and Infrastructure as Code (IaC). With the objective of reducing human errors and manual control, our automation services help businesses overcome challenges in software development and help increase employee productivity.

TabExp Apps’ Microsoft Azure DevOps Services

DevOps as a Service for Hybrid and Non-hybrid environments.

  • DevOps process consulting
  • We create process and toll architecture
  • We implement new processes and tools
  • DevOps project execution
  • We automate processes

Azure DevOps Consulting Services

DevOps Assessment

Our expert Azure DevOps
consultants devise a tailored framework
for your organization by going
through a process of discovery and
thorough analysis to provide the
right recommendations.

DevOps Automation

After analyzing your current technology stack and preparing framework, we build an agile implementation plan for build and release automation. We build CI/CD pipelines, release management workflow, and automation scripts.

DevOps Monitoring & Management

Team TabExp Apps continuously
monitors and manages your DevOps
environment. We proactively predict &
respond to issues before they occur
& provide continuous automation

How Azure DevOps Works

Azure Services for your Container Needs

Azure Container Instances

Focus on application designing and development, not on managing the infrastructure that runs them. With ACI, you can seamlessly run complex tasks, run workloads, & containers.

Azure Container Service

Quickly deploy a production-ready Kubernetes, DC/OS, Docker swarm cluster with Azure Container Service. It allows you to run containers at scale in production and configures the right VMs & clusters for you.

Azure Kubernetes Service

AKS is a highly secured and fully-managed Kubernetes service which makes deployment & management of containerized applications easy. Migrate existing apps to the cloud or build new ones.

Our Complete DevOps Cloud Services

DevOps on

DevOps on

DevOps on

Cloud agnostic DevOps tools as Open Source

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