TABEXP Apps offers Azure Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) to help you in effective infrastructure migration from on-premise to the cloud. With our defined and structured Azure IaaS service methodology that includes cloud readiness assessment, design and strategy, development of migration plan and execution, we ensure a smooth changeover with the minimal risk and disruption in your cloud infrastructure migration.

Our Infrastructure Migrations Services in Bangalore aids organizations to acknowledge their business objectives, Workload Structure, Deployment Strategy and Overseeing Workloads on a Multi-Cloud Environment combined with your traditional Business Infrastructure.

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1. Seamless Data Center Migration Services

We help you mitigate the issues and multi-faceted nature of relocation to keep away from unplanned operational time and control your expenses. Whether your infrastructure migration includes a physical move, for example, a data centre enhancement, integration or migration, virtualization and so forth., we will meet all your custom relocation needs.

2. DR as a Service with Azure Site Recovery

We help your business to continue working together, even during significant IT blackouts. Azure site recovery gives ease of execution, cost adequacy, and constancy. Install replication, failover and recapture procedures through Site Recovery to help keep your apps running in planned and sudden blackouts.

3. Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure

Sometimes a combination of public cloud and the private cloud would be better for the business environment. We give cutting edge Hybrid cloud infrastructure services which makes an ideal business environment for sensitive information storage by utilizing the advantages of both public and private cloud.

4. Enterprise Cloud Storage & Backup Solutions

Our business enterprise cloud storage and backup solutions on Azure are appropriate for applications that require adaptability and flexibility to store information dependably and safely. We influence our widespread domain knowledge to characterize and execute procedures and solutions for reinforcement and authentic management, which incorporates monitoring, planning, performing backups, authentications and rebuilding with reliable quality.

5. Azure DevOps Services

TABEXP Apps offers Azure DevOps services & Azure Automation consulting services to ensure your organization benefits from Visual Studio Desktop and Visual Studio TFS. With Microsoft DevOps, automate frequent tasks, deploy software more frequently, and reduce time to production. Our services include Sprint Planning and Tracking, Azure Pipelines, Unit testing with Visual Studio, Azure Repos, Azure Artifacts and Extensions for Azure DevOps.

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