Business data is the foundation of successful cloud application deployments. Your assessment and planning procedure may feature the physical constraints natural to moving business data from on-premises into the cloud. As a data analytics and migration specialist provider in Bangalore, TABEXP Apps understands the limitations and exhibits alternative options to help you migrate data and database to the cloud.

Our cloud database migration service & capability stems from years of experience and developing unique cloud models to solve complex database migration challenges. Our Azure Database Migration Service & SQL database/server migration service empowers reliable migrations from various database sources to Azure Data platforms with reduced operational time.

Our database migration services using a structured methodology based on best practices

  • Design data migration processes using models and assessment report
  • Identify heritage sources and drive the determination of needs for database migration.
  • Develop, audit and secure endorsement for mapping and changes.
  • Identify and execute data deficiency detection rules.
  • Lower your migration costs, deliver the project on time within budget
database migration service azure


At TABEXP, we specialize in migration of your data, SQL server, database, and workloads from any Structured source to another structured database or we can remap the structure for a semi-structured database.


Our Structured Database Migration includes migrating from any database relational/ structured database such as OracleDB, MySQL and others to SQL Server including legacy versions of SQL Servers to the most concurrent ones. Our services focus on ensuring 100% accuracy of your data on the new environment and help in exposing the required data services for your data critical applications.



Our Big Data Migration Services helps enterprises to Migrate their business data from any platform to Big Data Infrastructure and create Integrated analytics for Recommendation Systems, Predictive Forecasting and Analytics, Big Data Migration from traditional Data Warehousing to Modern Big Data Warehousing.

SQL on Azure

Microsoft SQL Server is one of the best on-premises databases which organizations use for storage and reporting services on their business data. When they wish to relocate the on-premise resources to the cloud, they falter to migrate the SQL data to the cloud. The Azure migration specialists in Bangalore at TABEXP Apps specialize, in migrating SQL server to Azure with minimal impact on critical business systems.

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