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Azure Infrastructure Migration Platform as a Service

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The Client

One of the Key players in kids’ educational games performs infrastructure migration to scale-up performance, speed and in-game purchases for the gamers. The client provides an extensive range of kid’s educational games for making learning extra fun.

TabExp helps the client with a major infrastructure migration for their products. The games connect a player across global respective of any region and of any country at any age level. The multiplayer games connect gamers on any device such as mobile, PC, tablet, etc.

The Problem

The platform that runs these multiplayer games on high resolution and a high volume of data packet transact to a single cloud and does not scale-up. The reviews from the gamers say that the games look interesting and are highly engaging, but they are not fast enough to communicate with the platform. As the Client requests to the server increased, the server became a bottleneck and became an issue to scale the platform, network packets loss, chat, and in-game purchase. Importantly, during the new game/feature promotion and long holiday sessions, the client needs to scale up to a level that is highly accelerated without bringing the game experience down.

COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act) compliance – Protecting children’s online privacy is important and web operators need to comply strictly comply with the act.

The Solution

TabExp runs a quick network audit and analyses the client’s cloud service provider that has a 3rd party cloud service offerings and platform datacenter but the single cloud does not have scalable solutions and storage capacity to quickly scale up. We suggest a migration plan to Microsoft Azure which can handle and manage the load effortlessly at the best-optimized cost.

How TabExP implements Azure Migration:

  • Migrated the multiplayer platform to an Iaas Solution
  • Moved the game supporting API to PaaS solution
  • The big data (which included the game data, user data, game content, etc.) to Azure SQL server
  • Setup the HA and DR via Azure traffic manager solution
  • Infrastructure as a code via Azure DevOps solutions
  • Users have seamless login experience when launching different product games via Azure AD
  • Scale-up during the peak season/promotions and scale down when not in heavy load. that is managed by azure application insight alert, operation management notification, and performance counter, etc.
  • Pay only for consumption
Benefits derived from Azure Infrastructure Migration

Migrating to Azure added great value to the client as well as their customers. Gaming enthusiasts can now easily login when launching and interacting with different games. Azure AD (Active Directory) has improvised secure & seamless sign-in experience of the gamers. Migrating to Azure allows the client and their customers to scale up the platform or scale down during or after peak sessions.

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