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Azure Database Migration Database Migration as a Service

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The Client

The Client is a multinational chain of Hospitals. With several laws and compliances for healthcare data protection and security, the client needed a database migration & cybersecurity framework which is highly protected and maintained regularly. Healthcare institutions like our valued client are obligated to follow the below healthcare compliances for securing their IT systems:

  • NIST Cybersecurity (The National Institute of Standards and Technology)
  • HITRUST (Health Information Trust Alliance)
  • HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act)
The Problem
  • Merger & Acquisition (M&A) of the Healthcare centers: Several healthcare centers merge with the parent entity every quarter and this results in complying with the parent company policies
  • The medical hospital chain wanted to provide a seamless experience to patients when they visit any of the healthcare centers across the US. And the patient data from different centers have different formats and schemas.
  • Medical reports are printed in various formats and not included in their analytics.
  • The insurance company could not produce accurate government reports that showed specific disease analysis, diagnosis and prescribed medicines.
The Solution

The TabExp Team proposed and implemented the below the solutions:

  • We started using azure datacenter and data service to help solve the data security compliance across all medical centers.
  • Patient data and medical records are securely transferred to a single big datastore
  • Medical records in any format are converted and pushed to the azure data lake
  • Analysis of the data in real-time via azure Hadoop cluster
  • Reduced the latency of sync and reduced overhead costs
  • Automate pipeline runs by creating and scheduling triggers. Azure Data Factory to triggers: schedule or event-based
  • Using Azure machine learning workspace and studio to generate reports based on the disease, medicine stock level planning, and future prediction
  • This ML-based solution helped the insurance carrier to design the insurance buy plans for their customer for upcoming years
Benefits derived from Azure Database Migration

Microsoft Azure Database Migration provided a secure, compliant data protection & cybersecurity solution to the client. The patients now have secure access to their updated medical history and records from any of the healthcare centers located across the US. Third parties like the insurance companies can now produce accurate health records as per the government regulations and compliances

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