Move your E-commerce to Azure

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Move your E-commerce to Azure

move your eCommerce to Microsoft azure

There are several proven benefits of moving the existing e-commerce solution to a cloud-based platform like Microsoft Azure. It helps in enabling scalability, offering 24/7 accessibility to the customers, and making it simpler to integrate the advanced cloud computing services. However, making the move to the cloud is a challenging task for most enterprises out there. However, with Azure, you can simplify the overall steps needed for the e-commerce team to make the move while increasing the overall ROI throughout.

Migrating from E-commerce to Azure

While e-commerce transactions on the global platform account for just a small portion of the total retail sales, the channel is still observing rapid growth on an annual basis. With the e-commerce channel getting mature, in addition to the introduction of the revolutionary cloud computing technology, the retailers have arrived at a crossroad. With cloud-based services, enterprises are now able to envision the respective business model with advanced capabilities while planning the overall modernization and adoption to the cloud due to the current footprint. Hence, businesses are moving forward to embrace cloud services like azure.

Amplifying the Overall Customer Journey

The field of e-commerce is known to be primarily focused on improving the overall customer journey. It can have several attributes. The given attributes are categorized into major groups as –discovery or observation, evaluation, purchase, & post-purchase. A retail business is usually known to depend on an array of software-based solutions –ranging from customer-centric applications to foundational applications.

The cloud offers the opportunity to make the shift in the manner of obtaining, selling, and managing modern technology by an organization. Some of the additional benefits of making the shift to a high-end cloud solution like Azure are.

  • Improved performance and reliability
  • Reduced costs of maintaining the respective data centers
  • Flexibility to include other services.
Migrating to Azure

Before you plan out the specific services that you are required to move to the cloud, you can consider the following aspects:

  • Building out the network
  • Incorporating some identity system like Azure Active Directory
  • Provisioning storage pieces in case of Azure

During the process of eCommerce website migration, the given Azure environment serves to be the extension of the on-premise network. You can consider connecting the logical networks with the help of Azure Virtual Network. You can also consider choosing the utilization of Azure ExpressRoute for keeping communications between the respective network & Azure on the private connection never touching the Internet. At the same time, you can also go ahead with using site-to-site VPN wherein Azure VPN Gateway communicates with the on-premise VPN device. Our technical expertise in azure cloud migration helps businesses migrate their eCommerce to the cloud smoothly and flawlessly.

Once you are assured of the entire network configuration, you should aim at ensuring business continuity. It is recommended to make use of real-time replication for moving the on-premise data to the respective cloud servers. Moreover, you should also make sure that the existing data and the cloud data tend to be the same. The duplication of eCommerce stores offers the ability to make the switch from on-premises to the cloud-based Azure by ensuring no impact on the end customers.

Once all your issues have been closed, you can easily move the entire workload to Azure. Contact our experts today and make a shift to the cloud to embrace the technology features delivering 100% customer satisfaction and achieving user retention.

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